5 iPad release October 22

Apple is going to release a new version of the iPad to see each other next week after Ron invitations to join the mass media as a witness in the launch of the new version of the device on October 22. Expected both iPad and iPad 2 mini 5 is a plant lifts.

In this event, as if to emphasize the long-rumored that Apple prepares iPad iPad launches mini 5 and 2 year 2013 so therefore mass media bodies to keep an eye on the iPad and iPad 2 mini 5 is mainly interested in the iPad’s 9.7-inch size is 5, such as the original, but adjust the thin and light design with removable full specs from 5s iPhone whether it’s CPU, fingerprint and the mini iPad 2 will have a stand at the front of the display change used Retina Display and strong specifications.

In addition, the October 22 launch event The Apple is expected to unveil the final properties of OS X Apple TV might have a hanger Mavericks trailer.

For this campaign, Apple used the name “We still have a lot to cover,” translated into Thai, about how “we are of the view the Wine Spectator Award of excellence.” Those who want to know what will be October 22 bonus track live reports facebook.com