All MS Windows version 3 include planned.

Your operating system, Microsoft is currently divided into 3 Windows, version 8.1, Windows Phone, Windows 8 and 8.1 RT in future of the three s-video is likely to be one.

From the sound of bad response of a new version of Microsoft’s operating systems, especially Windows RT affect several hardware manufacturers to stop producing a device that supports Windows RT implicitly. For this reason, it is an invaluable experience that Microsoft must be careful to leave the operating system in response to its ease of use for customers. Therefore, UBS Global Technology Summit in the interview of Julie Larson-Green Senior Vice President, Director of Microsoft’s Studios & Devices, it is revealed that nai sneak peek.

“In the future, Microsoft will no longer be the operating system and version 3, and will give priority to the operating system on more phones will not affect the hours of battery life, or create a risk to the system.”

Past news-flow, which gives us enough of a foreseeable that Windows operating system is the RT that is integrated with the Windows Phone, including bringing all Windows version 3 comes packed into one Store for each operating system. By combining both Windows 3 version is expected to be completed around mid-2015 year!