Intel 64 bit chip market launch of the year 2014

Another step of Apple’s launch of the iPhone 64-bit performance chips on 5s for the first time, which is a small Ephraim through awareness raising, with the third prepared in front of the 64-bit chip used on mobile phones and tablets by Intel, as well as another company ready for the launch of the 64-bit chip in the year 2014.

Intel’s movement recently, was revealed during an investor meeting, Brian Manichean, Chief Executive Officer of the company, information about whether the Intel Atom chip ready for Soc 64-bit that trochaic in conjunction with portrait-Bay to inaugurate the Traci in 8.1 Windows Tablet to be launched in 2014, in addition Intel has chip 64-bit on Android tablet. By Android tablet running the spatula-might be starting at $ 150, or about 4780 baht.

Which one of the properties of the 64-bit chip on the Android tablets will support the video resolution, viewing Ultra HD read a fits the retardant heavy usage or high graphic games smoothly.