LG G2 delivers advertising, mobile camp 3 milling pecking

LG’s new G2 smart phone would promote his own article, they maneuver through advertising special is iPhone, Samsung Galaxy HTC milling pecking S4 and a burning sensation in exposed khan just to watch together.

Compare with iPhone G2 LG began as a small 4-inch screen, and is not intended to be read with an LG G2 with a 5.2-inch size screen I see a more clear.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 on LG G2 comparison that his Snapdragon CPU 800 GHz-2.2 speed Quad-Core speed in processing higher Samsung Galaxy S4-20%

The final official HTC G2 HTC LG battery that constitutes a small and already have a few hours, but the LG battery G2 lasting about 12 minutes. I don’t want to waste time frequently charging seat.

Saw milling pecking out G2 LG, Samsung and Apple say that would not likely to feel anything, because their mobile phones sold well, but I’d probably do it for HTC mobile phones of their poor sales and a need to intensify milling pecking competitors charged. Pity about the best HTC sucks!!