LG mobile Flex screen G one more bend

The battle in the Smartphone market to competing market share among the giants of Dan kimchi. “Samsung” and “LG” is contentious, especially bend screen Smartphone that Samsung launched in Washington before the Galaxy with the LG and this Round next month, it will track the Smartphone screen bend from LG will do the same or different from the Samsung?

The current situation between the Samsung and LG starts to turn to open the market for smartphones in the format screen bend together seriously, both camps are ready to use the Flexible Display technology under their own development, as well as one of the final Round by Galaxy smartphone launch first, and then under the screen from left to right, bend hanger with inflection. “Roll Effect” comes closest to the design Note 3 when you see the LG is looking at is whether the Smartphone screen, the LG G-Flex bend rumored to take over Samsung?

There are recent images rendering out LG’s first call sub G-Flex water and by air to bend from the top to bottom. Which is considered a personal computer this will help pick up easier.

That is interesting that screen Galaxy Smartphone bend Round or LG G-Flex will be appealing to a wide range of users and change your mind, you can bend the screen Smartphone has been much because even though the name of the famous brand until it is known all over the world, but with the exotic, it is likely to be questions from users, and that it’s better to bend it like a normal shape?

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